Blurring the Culture-Nature Divide

Reflective Essay

I have never before attempted to craft a website or do anything of the sort online. As such, my attempts here were initially met with some difficulty. WordPress initially came across as a rather difficult and counterintuitive interface. Eventually, however,… Continue Reading →

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The Goal of This Site

In the minds of many people, especially here in the West, there is a tendency to think of “culture” and “nature” as separate and sometimes opposing entities. This separation is evident in the way we often talk about these topics…. Continue Reading →

Steward, Julian. “The Concept and Method of Cultural Ecology.” The Environment in Anthropology: A Reader in Ecology, Culture, and Sustainable Living: 5-9. Print.

In this article, Julian Steward attempts to define his theory of cultural ecology. He sees human cultures as closely linked to their environments, but is also careful to differentiate his theory from environmental determinism, which claims that cultures are completely… Continue Reading →

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